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Gano Excel Introduction

"Can a coffee company and their coffee change your life?"

Discover how Gano Excel is leading the global wellness revolution with their healthy coffee!

Get the Facts on Gano Excel

  • World's first ganoderma blend coffee There are many copycats but Gano Excel is the original!

  • Owns and operates the world's largest organic Ganoderma Lucidum plantation

  • Plantation is capable of producing 65 million ganoderma caps every 3 months

  • Has 4 million square feet of ultra-modern laboratory, distribution, and manufacturing facilities

  • $700 Million (US dollars) in sales worldwide

Noted researcher and Gano Excel™ founder Mr. Leow Soon Seng, created the company with a vision to bring health and wealth to people around the world. Mr. Leow brings over 30 years of experience to his scientific and business endeavors.

100,00 caps/greenhouse
652 ganoderma greenhouse
65 million caps/3months
supports retail sales of 3 billion (US)
$700 million dollars in sales / year - OUTSIDE of the North and South America
Gano Excel is a global company, founded in 1995, and owns the largest organic Ganoderma Lucidum plantation in the world. In our state-of-the-art laboratories, we create a standardized, proprietary extract from the six most potent varieties of red mushrooms that are impossible for competitors to replicate. Marketing our unique extract in a variety of presentations, we have reached $700 million in worldwide retail sales.
Tour the world's largest 100% organic plantation, Gano Excel, in Malaysia by watching the video below. Discover how Gano Excel laboratories and manufacturing processes adhere to the highest standards in order to bring the highest quality of ganoderma enriched products to you, the consumer.
In our internationally certified manufacturing facilities (ISO 9001:2000 & GMP), we blend our exclusive Ganoderma extract with the world's finest coffee beans, which we roast to perfection, percolate and then spray dry to avoid any chemical processing. Blending the power of Ganoderma Lucidum with over 100 antioxidants and 200 phyto-nutrients like triterpenoids, polysaccharides and Organic Germanium – perhaps the most therapeutic compound found in nature – with coffee, is nothing short of brilliant.

Gano Excel owns and operates the world's largest environment-friendly, organic Ganoderma Plantation. Our enclosed planting sheds utilize sophisticated and modern technology that protects the Ganoderma from its natural enemies, while preserving a pristine growth environment.

Ganoderma takes approximately 3 months to mature; and the cultivation process is closely supervised so that the Ganoderma is harvested only when the nutrients have reached their apex. Even exposure to the sun is tightly controlled in order to produce the highest quality mushrooms possible, with the greatest therapeutic value.
Listen to "The Gano Tour" presented by Mike Marumoto. Mike presents this informative tour 5 times per day at the Gano Excel headquarters, located in Irwindale, California. As the Director of Field Relations of Gano Excel, he gives an engaging overview of the Gano Excel Products.

Gano Excel is a CompanyThat Changes Lives.

With years of proven success, fueled by passion and a clear vision, will provide your path to enriched living.
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